Root Canal Treatment

Severely damaged or cracked teeth, and those with advanced decay, may become infected and/or painful. If this happens a root canal treatment may be necessary to relieve pain as an alternative to tooth extraction.

We understand that root canal treatments get a bad rap and are synonymous with pain and discomfort. At Renew we have a gentle touch; effective pain management and modern advancements in dentistry work to ensure your comfort throughout the procedure

Inside a tooth is a living part called the dental pulp. The pulp contains blood vessels and nerves. It can become infected or inflamed by deep decay, a broken or cracked tooth. If this happens there can be severe pain or an abscess.

A root canal treatment is usually done over 2 or 3 visits. The pulp is removed and the root canals cleaned; between visits the tooth is resealed to ensure that it stays clean. The root canals are filled with a rubber material and often, as root canal treatments are done on very compromised teeth, a crown is used to complete the treatment.

Left untreated, an infected root canal can lead to pain, an abscess and tooth loss.

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