Crowns and Bridges

Sometimes damaged teeth need more than just a simple filling and need to be protected with something stronger. Crowns, sometimes called “caps”, cover the entire visible part of the tooth. We use crowns to cover and protect root treated teeth, teeth with large fillings, to cover dental implants and even change the look of crooked teeth.

If you have a missing tooth or two, a bridge can be perfect to span the gap and improve the appearance and function. Teeth either side of the gap are covered with crowns and hold the missing tooth. The bridge is permanently cemented in place; a bridge is a great alternative to a partial denture.

Crowns and bridges are generally made from either a really strong ceramic or gold. To get a crown or bridge done is a two visit procedure; the first is where we prepare the crown or bridge and the second is where we fit the crown or bridge, usually a couple of weeks apart. During the weeks between the preparation and fitting you would wear a temporary crown or bridge to protect your tooth.

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