Sleep Dentistry

At Renew Dental Lounge, we believe in creating a calm and supportive environment and building trust with our patients and taking time to understand what it is our patients want and need. Dental anxiety is a common issue that can lead individuals to avoid routine dental care, potentially resulting in tooth wear, loss, or breakdown over time. This fear often necessitates more extensive and complex procedures to restore dental health.

Sleep dentistry offers options for extremely anxious patients to complete their dental treatment with the help of sedation. IV sedation, administered intravenously, allows patients to remain responsive but completely relaxed, with no memory of the dental procedures. General anaesthesia, provided in a hospital setting, induces a sleep-like state, ensuring deep relaxation and no memory of the dental procedures.

Sleep dentistry is beneficial for these patients and situations:

  • Adults or children with severe dental phobia, fear, or anxiety
  • For extensive and complex procedures like oral surgery, dental implants, root canal treatment, or full mouth rehabilitation
  • Adults or children with medical, physical, or emotional special needs
  • For patients requiring multiple procedures they want completed during one appointment

Is Sleep Dentistry expensive?

The cost of treatment with IV sedation or GA varies significantly based on each patient’s needs. Our goal is to make high-quality and comfortable dentistry accessible to all patients, so we accept all health funds, offering on-site claiming, assist with early superannuation access, and provide payment plans to help our patients easily fit their treatment expenses into their budgets.   We will discuss all your treatment options, timelines for completing your care, and payment options during an initial consultation. We would love to help you reach your smile goals and achieve optimal dental health in the most comfortable manner.

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