Prevention is Better Than a Cure

Like every area of health, preventing problems before they arise is easier, less traumatic and less expensive than curing them. At Renew Dental Lounge we want to see our patients enjoy good oral health throughout their entire lives. With modern advancements in knowledge and technology this is now a realistic goal. The foundation of preventive dentistry is keeping teeth and gums healthy.
Having regular dental check-ups ensures that any problems are identified early and appropriate care given.

We recommend & provide regular check-up & cleans for the whole family, every 6 months.

We offer discounts for children & pensioners. Call, or Book an Appointment now. 

At each check-up a number of things are done:

  1. Thorough examination of your teeth and gums, we check for signs of gum irritation and gum disease, as well as decay and damaged enamel
  2. Checking your jaw joints for signs of strain, clicking, tenderness or popping
  3. Checking any existing fillings, crowns or bridges to make sure they are still protecting and restoring your teeth
  4. Oral cancer screening
  5. Dental cleaning to remove stains, plaque and calculus
  6. Preventative treatments, such as fluoride gels or other re-mineralising treatments

Waiting to go to the dentist only if you have a problem is not the best way to care for your teeth, a headache or a sprained ankle may improve on their own but teeth never do. Preventative dentistry reduces your risk of developing decay and gum disease, it also helps ensure that any small problems are addressed before they become catastrophes.

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