Why we are not Preferred Providers

Firstly, let’s talk about what a ‘Preferred Provider’ or ‘Members Choice’ dentist is. Preferred Provider’s and Members’ Choice are not preferred by health funds as an acknowledgement of the quality of the dentist, but because they have a financial agreement between the dentist and the insurer, enabling both parties to earn more money.

Preferred Provider dentists are contracted to private health insurance companies to offer a set fee for services. In return for this, the insurance companies will ‘recommend’ the Preferred Provider/ Members Choice dentists or a specific dental clinic to their policyholders. This agreement, or business structure, allows the Preferred Provider dentist to obtain more patients, while the insurance company can pay less in benefits to their customer – because of the set fee framework. In some cases the health fund insurers actually own the dental practice.

Many health professional and government officials believe this creates a clear conflict of interest with the insurer holding so much power over their customer’s health and information whilst making money at every step.

What are the benefits, to you, of Renew Dental Lounge not being a ‘Preferred Provider’? We think it makes for better dentists & a better health outcome for our patients. We have experience in both practices that are preferred providers and non-preferred providers, giving us a clear understanding of how it works for both dentists and patients. We really grasp the difference between the two systems.

Our priority is you, not a big insurance company. We spend the time to get to know you, your family, your health and your mouth. There are no KPI business targets influencing our dentists and how they treat our patients. You can be confident that we are recommending the best treatment options for you. It may mean that your treatment with us is not ‘gap free’, but good quality health care does not mean that it needs to be expensive either. Our fees are set with the guidance of the Australian Dental Association average fee report. We use the highest quality materials and spend the time required to do high quality work for your benefit.

Our team are real people that will treat you like they would treat their own family. Our aim is to make you comfortable and make you and your family our patients for life. We are not a preferred provider because we put our patients and the quality of care we provide first. Your health is not for profit.

Are you in a Health Fund with Dental cover? Then you’ll only pay the gap fee.

Book an appointment to discuss your dental concerns, knowing we’ll take the time to properly understand & explain to you what options you have.

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